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This is the first painting that I created incorporating vintage newspaper clippings. I used acrylic paint and a drawing from my sketchbook.  I have been thinking about exploring this type of work again.  I may just do that at least for some of the works that I will be making for my upcoming art showing at Alma's Festival In The Clouds, on July 16th and 17th, 2022.   In addition to paintings, I am working on drawings.  I am drawing from a lot of different types of imagery that interest me.  I hope to surprise myself with what I find myself making.   It's always a surprise to find the finished artwork looking back at me!  I hope to see you there!   -Jon  And if I'm not at my JonHansArt Tent... You just might find me up on stage with the new band "Whiskey Mystics".  We are looking forward to our debut!




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