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Up and Running!

Well, the show "70's Flashback" is up and running! That has take a bit of time, energy and focus for sure!. Taking on the design of the poster for the show ended up being a bit more that I had bargained for, but it is satisfying seeing the finished work. It was a bit of pressure learning my part and music for the show, so it has been pretty intense. "Shanty" by Jonathan Edwards is a new song that I learned for the production. Figuring out the blues harp and guitar parts with a deadline. Always a fun bit of pressure.... But it sure is fun to finally be able to play and sing that song. Very fun. I also ordered up a new harmonica "chromatic harp" to play (a part of...) a song. I had never played one before. It's pretty cool. But my standard harp will probably always be the Hohner Special 20. I did speak once with Charlie Musslewhite and he recommended the Lee Oskar harps... But to each his own, right? (But of course). Anyways, I'm glad to have my site activated... Well, if you are at the show, or coming to the show I hope you have a fun time! All the best - Jon

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